Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ahoy, Matey!

hahaha, ohhhh, I haven't written here in FOREVAH! :) Not much has been going on since I last posted. I still have the same job. I live in the same apartment with the same roommate and same sweet puppy (most of the time).

I DID have surgery last month. To repair a really painful bunion on my left foot. I have to have the right one done too, but not for a while. I'll upload pictures soon...that is unless I drop off the face of the blogging earth again. ;-D I'll try not to do that. In fact, I'll devote tomorrow's post to my surgery. Before and after pictures! Although, my foot still looks like I have sausages for toes. Anyway...

Also, I just recently got rid of Zorro:
I traded him in (sad!!!) for Sylar:

And Sylar is one BAD kat! (Also, didn't you LOVE to HATE him in H*eroes???)

heheheheheheh! And I can honestly say that buying a car was the scariest thing I've ever done! I mean, it's such a scary, grown-up purchase! But, I knew what I wanted, and I knew what I wanted to pay and therefore I was able to get what I wanted.

We are also supposed to get like 8 inches of snow tonight. *sigh* I guess it's that time of year again. AT LEAST I HAVE 4WD NOW!!!! yay! :)

OK, maybe if I keep my posts short and sweet I'll actually stick with it! :)

Talk to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My last post was brought to you by Depression and Desperation. Today's post is brought to you by hope and happiness. (Thank Goodness!)


Thanks for sticking with me through that last post. I know it was rough. Rest assured that those kind of times don't come around that often.

It might be unnecessary to say, but I'm feeling much better.

I found someone to watch my dog. That was a major stressor for me. And, as it turns out, it's not P. P will never sacrifice anything of her own (including her time) for me. I'm adjusting to that. Basically, I'm going to let go of my hurt feelings--understanding that this is just who P is. But that also means that I'm going to adjust my BEHAVIOR towards her. I won't keep putting myself out there for her to just hurt my feelings over and over.

Also, the Bachelorette weekend went perfectly and didn't end up being that expensive, so that was a GREAT relief! Everyone kept saying it was the one of the best weekends they've ever had!! One of the things we did was this place called Canvas and Cocktails. It's a place where you go and have a painting class and they sell glasses of wine or whatever. I don't drink, so I was mostly interested in the painting class! Here's what we were painting:

Here's my painting:

I am no artist, but I had a blast!!! :)

Anyway, I'll just wanted to thank y'all for being there for me when I was so down the other day. I'm feeling much much better!!

Talk to y'all again soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strenght will rise as we wait upon the Lord, Wait upon the Lord...

There are so many things in my life that I feel like I'm waiting on. Small things and big things alike. My cell phone, for instance, has been broken for like 3 months!! I purchased insurance at the time I got the phone, so I took my broken phone into Best Buy and they whisked it off to be "repaired or replaced." It's been gone for like 3 weeks. I've been using a phone that my sister lended (or is it lent?) me like 2 years ago. That phone gets the job done, but it has NO signal at my work. Zilch. So, I can't really do ANYTHING with my phone at work. So, I'm just WAITING on BB to call and say my phone is ready.

No kidding, my phone just rang and it was BB saying my phone is ready. Maybe whatever I type here will come true...Like a wishing well.

And then I got a call that I won the lottery without even playing **eyes closed, fingers crossed...waiting....**


well, that didn't work. SHOOT! ;-D

I'm waiting on someone to call me about a thing that's very important. WOW! Was that the most vague sentence I've ever muttered in my LIFE?? I think so!

I'm waiting for football season to start. If you're not new to this blog (and let's face it--why would you be??) (and if you ARE new then I'm sure you didn't even make it this far in my ramblings!) then you know that I'm not just talking about ANY football...I'm talking about Number 1 Ranked, National Champions--University of Alabama Football. ROOOOLLLLLLL TIIIIIIDE! :) It starts next weekend...but the game is Pay Per View. So, I guess we'll be hovering around the radio like people used to do before TV was invented. Oh well. Last season I went into work to listen to the game on my work computer b/c the one at home wouldn't pick up the radio station! So, I sat at work on a Saturday and did a little work and every once in a while you'd hear "YESSSS!" echo down the hallway. Oops.

Then there are bigger things I'm waiting on. Things that I just have to trust God for. Things that I know will come eventually, but aren't here yet. And things that I don't want to RUSH, but I just get curious about. Like who I'm going to marry. I wonder who that will be. I wonder what he'll look like and what his name is. I wonder (and hope) that he makes me laugh all the time. I wonder if I'll know right away (like people always say) or if I'll just grow to know. I wonder if he's going to be outdoorsy or indoorsy. I wonder if I'm going to have kids? I wonder if I'll feel like I have to RUSH to have kids b/c I was "older" when I got married. I wonder how it'll feel to be a mother. I wonder if I'll be as good a mother as my sister is.

Almost everyone I know (from my past or even from my present) is married. Now, I know that I don't want to rush into a marriage. That married life is hard and I want to take my time to make sure I make the right decision. But now things are shifting to where everyone I know who's married is now having a baby. I can honestly say that I'm nowhere near ready to have a baby...but I wonder how different my life would be.

ANYWAY, I know that God has a plan and I'm not worried about it. I'm just curious.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take a Bath! Wash ya'self! Take a Bath!

Y'all know that song that goes "Shake ya' ***, Watch ya'self! Shake ya' ***! Show me whatcha workin with!" ?? Ok, It's a vulgar song and I don't listen to that kind of music, but it's been in TONS of movies and so I know it. It's a stupid song anyway and the only reason I bring it up is because me and Jules were talking about how she never wants to get up in the morning even when she gets "enough" sleep (whatever that is). I was telling her that I think like 88% of the human population feels that way. Everyone except those freaks who wake up bright-eyed and whistling some sort of happy song about sunshine and rainbows. Those people are just unnatural. So, basically I was telling her that I thought she would feel better if she showered in the mornings before she goes to work instead of at nights. She said, "but I don't want to shower twice--at night AND in the morning."

duh! Only those Freaky Morning People want to do things like wake up and jump right into a cold shower and sing showtunes at the top of their lungs!

I explained that I meant that she could just shower in the mornings. She said, "but I'm so dirrrrrty from work!"

That's when (before I could help myself) I said, "just take a bath at night. **pause** Take a bath! Wash ya'self! Take a bath! show em what ya' workin with!"
And we both busted out laughing. At 5:30am! Maybe we are those Freaky Morning People sometimes. (that is why we are best friends! If I hadn't made the joke first, she would have. )

On that note I'll leave you with a Top 5:

Top 5 Crazy-Fun Experiences with Jules in the 8 years we've been Best Friends
(Photo Version)
**after posting this I have decided to tell several of these stories in posts to come soon. Stay Tuned!**

This was a Murder Mystery Dinner we put on called "Lethal Luau." I was supposed to be a tourist in Haiwaii who's bags were lost by the Airline named "Les Baggs." Jules played a Pro Golfer named "Birdie Putt". hahahahahaah!

This was the first time that me and Jules went skiing. I cannot believe that I haven't posted about this experience!! Seriously, THAT is a good story! I guess stay tuned!

This was a picture taken at the Keith Urban/Sugarland concert, 2009. Also known as The BEST Concert Ever (TBCE)!! Me and Jules can't help ourselves! We love to make silly faces in pictures, especially when the other person in the picture doesn't know! That's lovely Jen, who was unaware of our little antics!
This was Halloween, 2007. The first year at my current job, Jules worked in the same building. We were two of about 10 who dressed up for Halloween! I was a basket of laundry and Jules was a Frazzled Housewife. Keep in mind that we both have lost at least 50 pounds since this picture was taken!

This was a hike Jules, Jen, Brock and myself did at Hanging Lake. The website said "Easy Hike." The creators of that website are a bunch of bold-faced liars straight from the pits of Hell. Just kidding--sort of. That hike was NOTHING like "easy". I have never been so mean to Julie in all my life as when I was hiking that trail. (I tend to get mad when I do strenuous exercise. I know...it's a fault). That's another post for another day, but stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's my Birthday!

Well, today is my 26th Birthday! I don't think 26 is a very big deal, except for the fact that you're turning the corner from early twenties to closer to 30. That's okay though, because Heather is already 30. She turned 30 this year, so ha!

So, I went home for a Whirlwind Birthday Weekend last weekend and although my trip lacked a certain element of sleep, it was a really good time! Saturday I got to play all day with Mom, Heather and the kids and then we ate at O'Charleys (one of my favorites!) and then had ice cream cake! YUMMM!

The family also went WAY above and beyond and gave me a laptop (they said they got a really good deal) for my birthday! Since the computer I have been using is about 60 billion years old it was the perfect gift! I have been spoiled by the Acer. :)

Also, the family gave me a Nalgene bottle that looks like this:

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Alabama fan. Living where I do, bama fans are few and far between so I love to show off my Bama Pride as much as possible. So, i LOVED this bottle! And who knows--maybe this will actually prompt me to drink more water! (I'll probably end up filling the bottle with Diet Coke instead! haha! just kidding---sort of.)

See the little slice of cake sitting there next to the bottle? That would be Banana Nut Bread. Brian (my boss) makes it for me on special occasions because he knows I love it! So this year he made me some for my birthday! Isn't that thoughtful? I know, I am lucky! I have the best boss in the world!

Also, not for my birthday but just because I she's nice one of the administrative assistants brought in these flowers for me today! I LOVE brightly colored flowers!!

Isn't that beautiful? They're in an Izzie soda bottle with a little twine bow at the top! Aren't they lovely?
Well, I suppose that's all for today. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Again


It's been almost a complete year since I last wrote. I was going to start using a different blog, but Heather and I never found the time to create it. So, here I am again.

I got a little burnt out on the whole blogging scene last year. I felt like I had nothing good to say and for some strange reason I felt pressure to put out good material. And, let's face it, I'm constently mediocre at best. So, I took a break and I'm feeling much more like myself. Let's see...what can I tell you?

1.)I have moved. I still live in the same city, but I moved to a different suburb and I'm so happy about it. We finally got out from under our (CRAZY!) landlord and moved into an apartment complex. It's very nice and has painted walls.
Yes, you read that correctly. I hate white walls. They make me feel like I'm in an institution.

2.)Jules and I have started running. We began our jogging journey in about February, 2010 and we're still working on it. Our goal is to do a 5k race in November. We'd LOVE to run a 10k, but considering we started running 30 seconds and now we're running 20+ minutes at a time, I think we'll just be proud of whatever we can finish!

3.) I got my hair cut. And Highlighted. See Picture at top right to see new hair.

4.) I turn 26 tomorrow. Well, that's not really new news, because my birthday hasn't changed. I just thought I'd share.

5.)Zorro (my car) broke down and was fixed by my friend's husband. I call him Hunky Julio.

6.)I passed my test to be a Certified Paraoptometric. yay!

I hate to stop on a weird number like 6, but I can't think of anything else to say.

Today a patient that might just be the man of my dreams is coming in. So, I'll let you know if it's love at first sight! haha!

:) Talk to you again soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

okay...I'm back.

Sorry about that brief moment of weirdness. You know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm back and my blog is back available to anyone who wishes to read about what I ate for lunch two days ago, or how many days I've gone without hot water. :)

So, I'm thinking of moving to a new/different blog. I will let y'all know for sure. Sorry for all the changes. I haven't been doing very good with this blog lately, and I really want to get back into things, but for several reasons I'm considering changing things up a bit.

Bear with me while I figure it out. I'll be sure to let you know, asap.